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Excalibur Empty Excalibur

Post  jcpb on Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:40 am


This guy is deliberately teamshooting others off the grenade bag so he can have it first. Whole round of avit and avanti has this guy hogging the bag and not letting anyone else touch it... besides trying to grief me into ragequitting. Last thing he said before leaving the server was "pussy" after I told him he can laugh - when he gets banned from the server for teamshooting.

Yet I made more kills than he did in both maps, funny how that worked out.


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Excalibur Empty Re: Excalibur

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:18 am

Ok thnx DB,

He's been around lately on our server, havent seen this behaviour yet but i'll speak to him about it on steam. His steam ID is really old so it's not the kind of behaviour you would expect.
That grenbag on Avit, i've seen it as well, people just waiting a full min for a grenbag, I personally think its ridiculous, cauz you spawn with 4 grens, i can easily spam 20+ grens by the time they get their grenbag.
But if some1 decides to wait on the grenbag spot, well nothing much u can do.

Its another story if someone keeps camping on it or pipes/grens you away from the grenbag so he can get it himself. That would result in a warning, a slay, a bury, a kick. Just too bad there werent any admins around at the time.

Thnx for pointing this out

Ive been thinking how to cope with this, cauz i see it a lot

1. There's a more democratic way to distribute the grenbag, there are plugins (like on Evil servers) where you dont see a gren bag anymore but a spot marked by a cross, and it keeps track of all players who just got a gren bag. When you got one , no use of camping on the spot cauz you cant take any for lets say the next minute or minute and a half. Its nice when you always have a full server, but when only 2 or 3 are fighting those damn bots you just need any gren bag, so thats why i hesitate

2. Theres also a plugin where you can create your own grenade bag and place it anywhere on the map. You can chose the time the grenbag refreshes and what type or amount of grens. Thats what we used to have on BB. Downside is, its very buggy (i've tested it and it can crash server -> mapchange dont load etc) and the spam on most maps is already such insane (trapping etc) ... I wonder is more grenbags necessary



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